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I'm Adriaan de Jongh, I make games, and I like playtesting and working together with people.

I'm best known for Fingle and Bounden. Being generally interested in unusual interaction between people and devices, my games often connect people (sometimes in a literal way) to make them play with each other’s personalities, to strengthen their relationship, or to discover each player’s social boundaries.

As an advocate of play and playfulness, I am hugely inspired by the works of Bernie DeKoven and the New Games foundation. I like to organise folk games and prefer to cross the street climbing.

I made an overview of my articles and collected my speaker assets. My portolio below.
+31 6 4967 8083
Amsterdam (time difference with you: hours)

Bounden (Game Oven, 2014)

Working together with Dutch National Ballet choreographer Ernst Meisner and the talented dancers of the Junior Company was incredibly inspiring. Ballet is extremely precise and intensely physical, and although Bounden will not teach you actual ballet moves, it will certainly get you in the mood for it. I was responsibile for the vision and direction of the project, the six preceding prototypes, the funding application, coordinating the 11-person team, half of the levels in the game, coding most of the interface, and the business side of things. Available on iOS, Android.

Fingle (Game Oven, 2012)

It baffles me to think about how little we touch our friends and family. The break-up stories that Fingle created only confirm this; touching each other is a societal crime. Fortunately, among the stories created by Fingle are also stories of love, friendship, and awkwardness. I was responsible for the vision and direction of the project, the prototype, all levels, and selling the game. Available on iPad.

Friendstrap (Game Oven, 2013)

Friendstrap is probably the only tool to legitimately talk about your hottest mutual friend, your own insecurities, to talk about each others bodies, or to sit together silently in disgust of the topic presented. I was responsible for the vision and direction of the project, most of the topics, and the visual style. Heck, we even did a 24-hour livestream on release. Currently not available. Soon, maybe.

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