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I'm Adriaan de Jongh, game designer, best known for the searching game Hidden Folks, experimental games like Bounden and Fingle, and the agreement generator contract( ).

Update August 3rd, 2020: working on Secret Shuffle.

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Secret Shuffle (in development)

A headphone party game in which the players who dance to the same music have to find each other. After four years of trying to find a way to license enough music for this idea to work, I am now developing and iteration on Secret Shuffle with 6 incredible people, and I'm extremely excited about it!!! More info here.

Hidden Folks (2017)

I first saw the amazing illustrations by Sylvain Tegroeg at his graduation expo, and jokingly told him we should make a game together. Hidden Folks is the result, a hand-drawn, interactive, miniature searching game. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles! Buy it on Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux), the App Store (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV), Google Play (Android), or on Nintendo Switch.

Bounden (Game Oven, 2014)

Working together with Dutch National Ballet choreographer Ernst Meisner and the talented dancers of the Junior Company was incredibly inspiring. Although Bounden will not teach you actual ballet moves, it will certainly get you in the mood for it. I was responsibile for the vision and direction of the project, the six preceding prototypes, the funding application, coordinating the 11-person team, half of the levels in the game, coding most of the interface, and the business side of things. Available on iOS, Android.

Fingle (Game Oven, 2012)

It baffles me to think about how little we touch our friends and family. The break-up stories that Fingle created only confirm this; touching each other is a societal crime. Fortunately, among the stories created by Fingle are also stories of love, friendship, and awkwardness. I was responsible for the vision and direction of the project, the prototype, all levels, and selling the game. Available on iPad.

The botanist & the animals concept art.

The botanist & the animals
(working title, in development)

A highly experimental game for people with acquired brain injury to help them cope with hypersensitivity. I'm currently working on this game with Aran Koning and Liselore Goedhart, with help by Yellow Riders, SIZA, Joris Dormans, and an academic research team.

Dutch Game Industry Directory website screenshot.

Dutch Game Industry Directory (since 2019)

"The Dutch game industry" is often abstract, even for people who are part of it. This keeps us from being able to show who we are, what we make, and what we are capable of. I decided to do something about that and spent a few months designing and developing the directory. I'm still actively moderating game and company submissions. dutchgameindustry.directory.

contract( ) website screenshot.

contract( ) (side project, 2015)

I needed something to quickly generate agreements between me and my collaborators, so I made contract( ). It generates an agreement in plain English, covering most things you want to agree on before working together with someone in the games industry. The agreement templates I wrote for contract( ) are based on the idea that developers do not need legalese to come to an agreement or to resolve a disagreement. I had several lawyers and tons of game developers look at it to make sure it is as unbiased, practical, honest, but also as legit as possible. docontract.com.

playdev.club website screenshot.

playdev.club (since 2015)

I've often been blind to problems of my own prototypes. Funny enough, those kinds of problems are often easily recognisable to other developers. That is why I started organising playdev.club, a repeating event in the Netherlands to show your own prototypes to other developers. playdev.club.

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