Adriaan de Jongh's Privacy Policy

Hello! I am Adriaan de Jongh. As a creator of games for everyone, I aim to be upfront and honest about what I do and do not collect. In short:

Data from my games

I do not collect any information through or about the usage of my games whatsoever. I used to collect anonymous usage statistics to help me improve my game, but in the light of the European GPDR, I decided I did not wanted to annoy my players with a consent popup, so I removed all forms of analytics from all of my games. I also disable and disallow any plugins I use to create my games to collect any anonymous data.

Unity, one of the game engines I use (for Hidden Folks, for instance), implements an interface on Android to request a device's Android Device ID and the Advertising ID. I don't use these interfaces in my games whatsoever, and have confirmed with Unity that the data that could be requested from these interfaces isn't used by Unity internally either and never leaves your device.

Data from newsletter signups

Whenever you sign up for any of my newsletters with your name and email address, I (securely) store that information on my server. I only use this information to send you the occasinal email, and do not share that information with anyone else. If you wish to withdraw your consent and signup, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email I send you or contact me, and I will remove all information I have of you.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact